Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hooters Calendar

Since this week seems to be turning out to be "all things Hooters," it seems appropriate to point you toward the Hooters Calendar.

Of special note would be the Feature Girl (that's this month's, Brittany Johnson, above) and The Galleries.

Isn't it nice one measly restaurant chain gives us so many good topics?!?

BOTD: Caution: Blonde Thinking

I absolutely love it. This must be Hooters week!

Another fascinating blog by a Hooters waitress, check out Caution: Blonde Thinking.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Hooters! (via Flickr)

Okay, since this seems to be Hooters Week around here ... seemed appropriate to point out there are some Flickr Groups dedicated to the orange shorts.

Check out:
Tribute to Hooters Waitresses
Hooters of Internet
Hooters Bikini Contest
Hooters Girls with Guts (as in "bravery", not "large stomachs)
Shrine of Hooters Waitresses

The list does, in fact, go on and on ....

BOTD: The Hooters Girl

Oh be still my heart - could there be a theme this week? A Hooters theme?? An entire week full of Hooters links???

Well, we shall see, shan't we ??

For today's Blog of the Day, check out The Hooters Girl who is "... one of the many Hooters Girls who work for the (in)famously tacky Hooters restaurant chain. Clad in minuscule orange hot pants, K.H. discusses life as a Hooters Girl, covering an array of topics, from sex and relationships, to politics and current events, as well as the insider's experience working at a Hooters restaurant."

Oh, and since I used the Playboy cover above, you can start here for Playboy's "Women of Hooters" pictorial, but it'll cost money to get in ....

Monday, March 29, 2010

Yet another reason to visit San Francisco

San Francisco seems to have waaaaaay more than its share of interesting Dommes - and today Max listed one that immediately goes on the "must see" list.

Her site is amazing, SHE appears to be amazing (as attested to by the two pictures from her site I chose to show you - her gallery is unbelievable!).

Check out Domina Colette.

We'd mentioned her here in February when all we knew about was her blog site. Delighted to have an excuse to mention her again!

Gotta get to SF ....

It aint me, it aint you

Please be aware that Blogger (Blogspot) appears to be having image issues at the moment.

I'm not seeing images either - and that IS the point, after all, isn't it?

- OR

BOTD: AverageBro (and another excuse for a Hooters pic!)

Although this may seem like a cheap excuse to slap another Hooters picture up here on Ol' Roadie, I assure you that such is not the case.

Although, admittedly, I WAS on a GoogleQuest that was remotely related to the tight-shirt-and-orange-pants restaurant chain. I found a couple interesting hits, incidentally, including Princess Melissa, who was, apparently, a Hooters Girl for about five hours one day. She seemed a little put off by crushed boobs and cameltoe exposure to make it work ...

But, I found, and really found the blog interesting. Unlike several of the others listed here recently, this one wasn't written by some hot babe and doesn't feature a lot of nekkid pictures (I'll have to talk to him about that!), but it's sure interesting. A lot of normal everyday discussion, as well as an interesting take on the non-WASP perspective. And, delighted to report, a post about Hooters Girls.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

BOTD: The Ultimate Muse

Megan Morgenson is a great choice as Blog of the Day, even if, as of this writing, her blog hasn't been updated in a couple weeks.

Megan is pretty well know in these parts - many have known Red Hot Megan as a 'courtesan'. Others may know here as the "Sensual Domme Goddess."

Some know her as the "Ultimate Muse."

And then, there's her blog: Adventures with a Muse.

Or find her on Twitter:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

BOTD: Confessions of a Message Board Hooker

Give credit to Jenny.

Both her "regular" web site AND her "Confessions " blog site are fun ....

Friday, March 26, 2010

In case you're looking for ...

... a Leather Nipple Clamp Bra with Adjustable Screws, like the one above.

Or, for him, cock and ball stretchers, rings, crushers and parachutes. Or, erotic jewelry for both sexes. Or bondage gear. Sexy lingerie.

You know, fun stuff.

I know just the place: The Rimba Store.

Naked Wiki

Wow. A whole wiki dedicated to naked stuff.

Nude beaches, naked bike rides, runs-in-the-buff.

Check it all out at Naked Wiki.

BOTD: Emily Escort

I know, I know, two this week from England.

Well, if you're going to travel, might as well get your money's worth, eh?

Check out British Escort Emily. Emily Escort Site - Emily Blog.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Art or Porn ?

Now, THIS is a site!

Art or Porn?

Iceland says "nei" to stripping

Iceland has become one of the few countries (if not the ONLY country) in the world to completely ban stripping.

According to the Iceland Review:
Legislation banning striptease in Iceland and barring clubs from making profit from the nudity of employees will take effect on July 1, 2010. The legislation was passed with 31 votes. Two MPs of the Independence Party abstained but no one voted against it.

Stripping had generally been banned in Iceland before yesterday’s legislation was passed, but a few clubs were operating on a legal exemption. Now they will no longer be able to do so.

Okay, cancel the trip ....

BOTD: Driven by Boredom

So, I haven't mentioned one of my favorite blogs in a while: Driven by Boredom. This isn't just a Blog of the Day, it's been a regular practically daily read for years and years.

Ostensibly, Igor is a "party photographer." Go to the site and you'll see tons of photos from events like SXSW, concerts, clubs, etc.

But, he also has this uncanny knack for getting beautiful young women to take off their clothes for him. Like the two pictured here.

What's always intriguing is the commentary that goes along with the photo sets. Like, the commentary for Aire, at left:

In continuing to try to get stuff up for you while I am on the move, here are some half naked shots of my friend Aire taken outside of Sway a week ago Monday. They are mostly covered, but they are still pretty NSFW. She does crazy disco make up at night clubs, has rad hair and is cool as fuck. If you see her out, convince her to do your make up, or at least try to find some other reason to talk to her, it is for the best. It was also freezing out and a cab driver was watching our shoot so you have to be impressed with her doing her thing anyway.

So, above is Aire. Below right is Chase. Says Igor:

We had a plan to shoot in a specific bathroom in Williamsburg but we got kicked out after a few shots. We didn’t know where to go until I saw someone leaving an apartment building. I grabbed the door before it closed and we walked up 7 stories and snuck onto the roof.

We tried to shoot but it was fucking freezing and the roof was covered with tar that was fucking up our shoes. On top of that we were both kinda winded from running up 7 flights of stairs. The whole thing was sort of a disaster. I like to think that I am a better photographer than this, and I know she is way hotter than this… but fuck it.

You want to see some tits, I want to update my fucking site and she wants you to check her out on
Burning Angel and Gods Girls, so fucking do it already.

You gotta love this guy!

Check out Driven by Boredom.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Should I ever want to get smacked around in Denver ...

... I think I'd go visit Mistress Djuna.

And come to think of it, I might be in Denver next month ...

More toplessness (yea!)

God bless women who will take their shirts off, regardless of the weather! Supposedly, there are topless sled races in Germany.

We've got articles to prove it:

I'm thinking we should all move there ...

BOTD: Laura Lee

This "Blog of the Day" post is really about two sites, one the "official" website for Laura Lee - a lovely British escort. The other is her Blog site - known as Laura's Diary or Laura's Life and Thoughts.

Either way, good sites and she's v-e-r-y easy on the eyes ....

So, how do I get myself to Britain?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If I want to get smacked around in Munich

I've never been to Munich, although I have, indeed, been to a number of places in Germany.
But, today Max posted a series of links to a new BDSM studio in Munich, Domina Bizarr, which looks like an amazing place.

The site is not only beautiful, but the studio itself looks like it's incredibly well equipped (follow this link - Domina Bizarr Studio - for facility photos.

In addition, Max posted links to the various practitioners:

Now, I know you didn't ask, but my pick would be Bizarre Mercedes. That's her at the very top of this post.

But please don't tell the others ...

Topless gardener - you can come to my garden!

I don't believe that the young woman pictured either in the picture above or below is the person under discussion, but there are numerous stories circulating about a Boulder, Colorado woman who gardens topless.

They even picked up the story in the UK (where the photo at the very top came from, which I'm CERTAIN isn't the real woman).

According to the stories:

Catharine Pierce has been seen several times by neighbors wearing nothing but a thong and a pair of gloves while gardening her front lawn.

The matter was investigated by Colorado police services after the 52-year-old caused a series of complaints with her topless antics, however the authorities concluded she was not breaking any law.

The Boulder housing authority is now looking to change its rules to prevent residents gardening while nude.

I love this country ....

BOTD: The other side of the rail

This is an interesting blog, written from an interesting perspective.

It's a guy writing about strippers, from "the other side of the rail" (e.g., the customer's side).

Great read!

Monday, March 22, 2010

BOTD: The Boobs

You just have to love a blog entitled "The Boobs," don't you?

There are two of them. Desboobs claims she "brings the heat, the hooker streets, and that mashed up beat." Glossy brings "glamour shots, money shots, cake baker and stripper enthusiast !"

Sunday, March 21, 2010

BOTD: Stripper Tweets

Today's choice - "Stripper Tweets."

The content is relatively sparse, but it's an interesting read!

How to chose a Domme

Although I suspect some of the loyal Old Roadie audience is familiar with Max Fisch, I also suspect that many of you may not be. Pity.

And, because of the public service value involved (naturally), I wanted to pass along a link to an interesting post by the infamous Ms Troy Orleans: How to chose a Domme.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

BOTD: Laurie Shaw

Maybe I'm just a sucker for any woman who wrote a book entitled "Servicing the Pole," but I'd urge y0u to check out today's Blog of the Day (BOTD), Laurie Shaw.

Friday, March 19, 2010

BOTD: e[lust]

e[lust] claims that they are "your source for sexual intelligence and inspirations of lust from the smartest & sexiest bloggers! Whether you’re looking for hot steamy smut, thought-provoking opinions or expert information, you’re going to find it here."

Sounds fair to me. Check out e[lust].

Should I want to get smacked around in Washington DC

... I might be inclined to see Bella Bliss at Bella's Blue Room.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

BOTD: I Dream of Mina

BOTD (Blog of the Day): Mina Stefan.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Masocast - podcasting for pervs ....

There are lot of podcasts out there (Car Talk, anyone?).

Maybe none more interesting than "Masocast", a fetish-oriented podcast that features Dommes and other 'people of interest.'

They just celebrated their first anniversary, and have something like two or three dozen podcasts in the archive.

Check out Masocast!

Let's do a "Good Wife" duo ....

A local board was asking the question about which entertainers you'd like to see join the "escort world."

My suggestion: a duo with Archie Panjabi and Julianna Margulies from "The Good Wife."

Am I right, people?

New in Toledo

Now, THIS looks interesting ...

A well known, well respected name setting up shop in NW Ohio (Toledo, maybe?) as "Sensual Domme Goddess."

Have been interested in this lady for a number of years - never managed to screw up the courage to connect with her.

I now have a mission!

Happy St. Patricks Day

May the saddest day of your future
Be no worse than the happiest day of your past.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Old Roadie.

The lovely Lassie borrowed from Sublime.

BOTD: Dirk Daily

Today's BOTD (Blog of the Day) - check out Sir Dirks Daily Eros.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


More required reading: Kinkbox, from the lovely Ms Eliza, pictured above.

She says:

Once upon a time, I was an art model who liked kinky sex.
Then I was a full-time professional dominatrix.
Now, I’m your run of the mill sadomasochist and occasional pro.

Just call me Eliza.


Fleeting Camille.

Always wondered where you'd buy a crotchless catsuit

Always wondered where you could buy one of those (above), or a "Zentai" suit (below).Now I know.


Alex Suze - Blog worth noting

More "required reading." (I'm sorry, are these assignments getting too hard?)

Check out AlexSuze.

Erotic writing, some fiction, some not. Some really nice photos too, like the one above.

So, recommended Roadie reading: AlexSuze.

Missed it again! Damn! Steak and BJ Day

I hate it when I miss important events, like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

So, imagine my chagrin when I realized that YESTERDAY was "Steak and Blowjob Day."


Details HERE.

Thursday, March 11, 2010