Monday, March 31, 2008

Hogtied - damsels in distress

The shot above was actually from a gallery added to Hogtied in January, but it sort of exemplifies the kind of 'damsel in distress' photos they've got over there.

Hogtied, Water Bondage and Men in Pain (shown above) are all of the same high quality ... and not to be missed if bdsm is your kink ...

Hornywolf - another great TGP

Kinda makes you want to say "ouch", doesn't it?

Found at Horneywolf, although THAT points you to

But, while you're at HorneyWolf, try simply changing the number of the gallery ... that will give you an afternoon of surfing pleasure!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Japanese Schoolgirls

Here's an interesting twist on the whole Japanese Schoolgirl thing: Japanese Schoolgirls TGP.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Add Tickleberry to the lists of shops selling fetish stuff that you should check out.
This UK site appears to be almost exclusively FemDom oriented (that is, all the devices are to be put on men, not on women, and the women pictured on the site are always clothed whereas the men usually are not), and carries everything from penis jewelry to furniture ...

Worth checking out: Tickleberry.

Fellow blogger

I bow in respect to the original writing on Prurient Interests. Not to mention the photos and links and whatnot. Hopefully, this blog will evolve into one like PI.

Don't know who Louis Friend is ... but he must also be in Metro Detroit, as he references visits with people like Mistress Sue, a Detroit-area Domme.

If it's Thursday ....

... then it's Wicked Weasel Contributors day!

Plus, ORSM

Gotta love Thursdays ....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nerve - don't miss site

Some of the sites I've highlighted in the past have been photo sites with women, a couple have had men ... this one has just about everything.

There are photo galleries of women, men, couples ... all very cool. But wait, there's more! There's also fiction, essays, blogs ... hell just about everything you could possibly want.

Check out Nerve - Roadie Recommends!

Dark Erotic Art

Interesting stuff from David Chan at Dark Erotic Art.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More naked magic - this time YouTube

Following up on the 'naked magic' topic, found some interesting YouTube videos:

Strip to the Bone
Lulu Exposed - Prologue

(there's a whole series of Lulu videos - start here)
Aqua Pyro

Nude Magic, Redux

Incidentally, in addition to the items from my previous post, a Google Search on "Nude Magic" also turned up this:

Different type of magic ...

Naked Magic

By now, you've probably all see the video of the Ursula Martinex - the female magician who strips down to nothing during her act. (One site I found the video on said it was either the 'worst striptease act ever or the best magic act.') Just for the record, her main site, Ursula Martinez, give you a run down of her other activities and a calendar.

Turns out that's only the beginning of it.

There is The Naked Magician. (Unfortunately, NOT Ursula this time ... this time it's a guy ...) And, the Worlds Greatest Nude Magician.

Stranger still, there's Nitrilla. Transvestite magician. More pix of her here with Detroit TV Mistress Alicia, shown above and below ...

There are undoubtedly more ... let me know if you've got any good links.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Need to learn Dutch

Mmmmmmmmm ....

Gotta love sites like Jaggle from the Netherlands.

No clue what they're talking about - who cares?!?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ass aficionado

An interesting fellow "Blogspot" blogger writes as an "Ass Aficionado." Interesting site - but no entries in a couple months. Hope it's not dead ...

Artsy for Friday

Damn, I love sites like this: Juul de Vries.

Who ever said art had to be boring, eh?

Doing 'The Dirty'

Doesn't really seem to matter how these bizarre sites get drawn to my attention, as long as they do. Stumbled across a mention of 'The Dirty' in a site I used to frequent, and thought I should bring it to your attention. I am, at the very least, a public servant. (And trying to keep both of us at least mildly amused.)

So, we present: The Dirty. Sort of an "underground" take on a city guide, with special emphasis on things the normal city guides would leave out.

Turns out there isn't a specific guide for Detroit, but there is one for each of our two major schools in the state: Michigan and Michigan State.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Topless Blonde Movie Scenes

A month ago we reported on topless scenes from Oscar-winners.

Now, Blonde Topless Movie Scenes.

Women of Hooters

The sense of deja vu here is overwhelming. Just like in my shower this morning ...

Check out The Women of Hooters. Incidentally, those tight orange shorts must rub all the pubic hair off, cause there's nary a whisker here ...

Erotic Falconry

File this under highly unusual.

However, long as it includes nude babes, I'm in ...

Check out Erotic Falconry.

Modern Pin-ups

Although my German is a little rusty, I can still appreciate the beautiful Pin Ups at The Art of Thomas Junior.


Thursday = Weasel Day

Hey, if it's Thursday, that means it's the day for an update to the Bikini Competition at Wicked Weasel.

I think Amanda, shown above, is my favorite this week ....

City of Dildo and Exit 69

Sublime Directory updates their picture of the day daily (doh!), and this one really made me laugh.

It's almost as good as the "Big Beaver Exit" from here in the metro Detroit area:

And, yes, before you ask, there really IS a "Big Beaver" road and it really is Exit 69 ...

And, at Get Off on Big Beaver, you can even buy products immortalizing the exit:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wallpapers - beautiful in any language

Stumbled (literally) across this site, in Spanish, offering a slew of wallpapers on a variety of subjects, but notably a bunch of wallpapers featuring beautiful babes. I don't speak Spanish, but you don't need to in order to appreciate these ...

Presented as a public service, of course.

Main wallpaper page HERE, overall main page for this site HERE.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Love artsy sites like this: Mariana Meloni

Hairstyles below the waist

In case you'd forgotten what it looked like when centerfolds had public hair, a nostalgic look back:

Waxing Nostalgic

The Penis Website

Really. Would I lie about something like this?


Check out The Penis Website. There's even an entire page of penis jokes.

Deviant Art

There are babe sites, and there are Fetish Sites.

Deviant Art is a site full of, well, various types of deviant art. Not exclusively fetish, but these are not pictures you're going to see in Readers Digest.

Photos, drawings, etc.
There's men, women, combos ... fascinating time waster!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Babe Galleries

There are, thank you very much, a couple zillion sites out there with beautiful babes.

Wasting some time this afternoon on a few of them and thought I'd share:

Enjoy .... and tell them Roadie sent you ...

Man, there are a lot of escort sites out there ...

So, while posting the note about the article from the Free Press, I Googled "Heavenly Hailey." Google found 192 hits, although some of them were apparently about a prize-winning pooch (and our Hailey is certainly no dog).

But, what was interesting was how many escorts sites I found that I hadn't been aware of.

As mentioned in the previous post, I found Hailey at Eros-Michigan and Beautiful Companions. Not a surprise there. But, I also found a slew of other escort sites I wasn't aware of:

Forget Red Lights, prostitution has moved on line

There's a musical called Avenue Q, and it it there's a song called "The Internet is for ......Porn."

Avenue Q hasn't played here in Detroit yet (although it IS coming to MSU in April), but the point is well taken anyway.

There are a zillion sites out there with nude pictures of women, men, women AND men, men and men, well you get the picture.

There are, obviously, also sites like mine where slightly bent guys like myself share interesting links we've come across.

So, it's without much of a surprise that the Detroit Free Press has an article today entitled "Forget Red Lights, prostitution has moved on line." You can see it HERE.

It mentions "Heavenly Hailey" (that's her, immediately above) and that it found her on Cupids Attractions. She can also be pretty easily found on Eros-Michigan, Beautiful Companions and her own site.

Frankly, if I were her, I'd be more than a little concerned about the attention ....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Toy Stores

Keep running across interesting 'toy stores.'

The new one today was "Castro Toy Store," which bills itself as a purveyor of "Sex Toys and Gear for Men." Full of leather, harnesses, toys.

One you may have already visited, but worth mentioning in this little survey, is "Medical Toys," which caters to connoisseurs of the Medical Fetish. Be sure to check out their Gallery.

Lastly, let me mention Extreme Restraints. This site is the real deal, with everything from dungeon furniture to cock rings. Lots of stuff for the ladies, too.

Those three ought to waste an afternoon ....

And, not to leave out the guys

Mens Underwear Blog alerts us to a new brand called Obviously.

They have some interesting undies, and suggest theirs are particularly comfortable because they allow allow men to hang downward "as nature intended." Indeed.

Obviously's site is here.

Note that there's also a Women's catalog in the works ...

Mens Underwear points us to DeadGoodUndies as an outlet (in the UK) - note that there's also Buns and Briefs here in the USA.

Wasted Afternoon: A Kinky YouTube

Saw a reference to FetishPal, which is sort of a YouTube for kink.

They've got a bunch of 'channels' like face-sitting, punishment, bondage, cross dressing, ball-busting and more.

Check 'em out ...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Open to your suggestions

Got any great sites you'd like to share?

I've only been at this blog for about a month, but am delighted that we're now starting to attract dozens and dozens of visitors each day. You guys can all participate by sharing sites that people might like to go to.

Please either add them as a comment to this post, or send me an email (roadie at popstar dot com).

Looking forward to your input!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

But, if you're going to be tied up ...

...this would be the one to be tied up by.

Karin Von Kroft in Arizona.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sorry - tied up right now [more bondage links]

That 'hanging around' post started me chasing some bondage links, and after you sort through the junk links, there are three sites that always seems to have some great photo sets on them:

Now, I have to admit that I'm not personally interested in having needles stuck in my privates, nor am I interested in some of the more dramatic sessions they show, but I have to admit that each of these sites is excellent.

Just hanging around ...

Uh, sorry, can't come out right now.

Love photo spreads like THIS from

Additional spreads can be found easily by changing the number in the URL, like gal38, gal37, gal36 etc ....

Tell 'em Roadie sent you ...

Friday, March 07, 2008

Worth checking out: Esinem

Found a link via Max Fisch, I think, that took me to Esinem, a site that is focused on Shibari - the Japanese art of rope bondage.

Worth checking out. You have to register for the site, but it needs nothing more than a valid email address ...

Check 'em out (unless you're tied up).

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Gotta love ORSM

You've got to hand it to ORSM.

Every Thursday there's a very special update. Never fails.

Each week he has lots of babes, lots of babes. Like this gallery:


He's got beautiful babes (like above) - he also runs other photos, like this week's Body Mods (above) or women who wouldn't probably make it in Playboy, like Roxy DeVille (below):

But, even better, each weeks there's an update to his "Random Shite". (Be sure to click "Next" - the picture of the guy with his balls stuck in the toilet lid is not typical ...)

Check out ORSM .... tell him Roadie sent you!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I know there are a zillion sites out there with beautiful babes, but this seems a little special ...

Check out BabesMachine.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Motorcycle Momma Mania

Those biker dudes seem to have all the fun ...

Stumbled across this page recently: San Jacinto High Rollers. Typical biker club page.

But, what's cool is that a lot of the women take their shirts off ...

Bless 'em ....